EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona

EBF 11th Open Symposium: Raise the Anchor - Set Sail for Science

NH Collection Tower
Barcelona, Spain
21 - 23 November 2018


11th EBF Open Symposium

Raise the Anchor – Set Sail for Science

The agenda will become available end of June. We invite you to send an abstract before 24 May 2018 For detailed instructions go to Submit an abstract.

For our 11th symposium, we identified 6 themes which should inspire you to Raise the Anchor and Set Sail for Science. For each, we suggest a few session ideas. We will build the final agenda reflecting your interest, contributions and engagement. Abstract submission will define how some session topics make it into a plenary session, a breakout session or a workshop.

  1. Is new science going into practice?
    • Imaging and biosensors
    • Bioanalysis supporting cell and gene therapy
    • Our daily practice with HRMS for regulated (quantitative) BA
  2. Science driving Regulations
    • Recent trends in regulatory inspections, incl. GLP, PK, BM, Immunogenicity
    • Update on emerging regulations, incl. GLP, PK, BM, Immunogenicity
    • Are immunoaffinity-LC/MS (i.e. hybrid) assays reaching the maturity of filing?
  3. Immunogenicity
    • Life-cycle management for reagents in practice – case studies impacting strategies
    • ADA for multi-specific biologics
    • Interpretation and reporting of data from ADA assays – a reflection on issues and practical solutions
  4. Leaner approaches in practice
    • Transferring “high tech discovery based assays” (e.g. isoforms, intracellular conc.) into routine assays
    • Scientific validation in practice – case studies showing scientific rigor in early development studies
    • Automation, incl. technology developments and challenges of doing more with less
    • Practical aspects of single vs. duplicate analysis in LBA
  5. Optimizing workflows
    • Increasing sensitivity and/or selectivity: pro/con
    • Smart-sampling (e.g. microsampling, point-of-care sampling, home sampling)
    • Sample stability – dealing with unexpected stability from animal/patient to tube
    • Increased request for tissue analysis in LBA – always value added?
    • Practical management of high variability (highly sensitive) assays
  6. Biomarkers (BM)
    • Fit-for-Purpose BM analysis
    • PD markers replacing true PK assessments
    • The path from BM to companion diagnostic


As in 2017, we plan to include parallel workshops again. You can suggest topics fitting a workshop format of lively discussions using the dedicated Workshop submission form.



You can submit an abstract for a podium presentation or workshop proposal before May 24th, 2018.
You can submit an abstract of your poster contribution before October 1st, 2018.
For detailed instructions go to Submit an abstract.


Registration fee for the meeting is € 560 (€ 400 for academia). No day-passes will be available. Web-registration will close on 10 November 2018 or when the maximum capacity (500 delegates) of the meeting is reached. After this date (except when the maximum capacity is reached), only on-site registration is possible (€ 700, cash only, no credit cards accepted).